Thursday, 11 December 2008


The BBC is reporting that the Barclay brothers are withdrawing their investments from Sark. If the report is accurate, 100 people - a sixth of the population - will lose their jobs in hotels, estate agencies, building firms.

The decision follows an election on the island, the rococo intricacies of which quite boggle the brain. The point is that the electors spoke in a way that Sir Frederick and Sir David Barclay found unpalatable. Are these two facts connected? They look as though they are. Their spokesman has said that the islanders are now reaping what they sowed. Reaping what they sowed? That sounds rather like a total denunciation of democracy, a serious case of throwing the rattle out of the pram.

I think such a glimpse of naked contempt - for that is what it is - will come back to haunt them. I cannot wait to see them brought low by such hubris, dragged down by their own greed. It is to be hoped that they take their dupes and proxies with them. Private Eye is very good again this week. The stuff on the Telegraph, which the Barclays own and have run into the ground in search of a fast buck, is unmissable.

Blogging about it has to stop. This target fixation is getting serious and at the same time a bore. Move on Johnny.